Mentoring Staff to Facilitate Projects

Many clients want in house expertise to undertake the project works. This allows them to keep the intellectual property of a project and its outcomes in-house and provides challenges for staff. Client staff may be very experienced in managing assets, but require additional expertise to do successful projects.

At Charnwood Communications we are not precious about keeping our methodology secret. We offer to mentor your staff through projects so that they have maximum involvement.

The way these commissions operate as follows:

Charnwood Communications is a group of experienced, independent Communications consultants with extensive experience in telecommunication and networks installations.

We concentrate on understanding your requirements with regard to communications infrastructure projects. Our skills allow the following to be achieved:

  • Transferring skills and training/mentoring staff
  • Providing processes to evaluate end user requirements and procure needed infrastructure
  • Providing documentation to
    • Obtain agreement with users
    • Tender
    • Choosing suppliers who are strong, but not being tied to one supplier or manufacturer
    • Managed IT Services