For the past 20 years, we have been evaluating, collaborating, designing and delivering technology solutions for business.

When the right outcome is critical, and failure is not an option, Charnwood Communications is part of the answer.

We mix cutting edge thinking and technologies with tried and tested approaches to give our clients (both Business and IT) the outcomes they are looking for – we don’t just consult and “walk away”, often clients ask us to manage solutions through until they realize their ROI.

We’ll take on just about any challenge, as long as it has the potential to drive achievable results, both tactically and or strategically.

If you know the outcome you want, or if think there could be a better way, Charnwood Communications can help get you there.


Project Work

We use a structured methodology to undertake our projects. This methodology has been developed through much experience and provides high assurance that the appropriate result is achieved.

The initial phases concentrate on understanding yours and stakeholder’s requirements.

The following phases concentrate on Charnwood staff taking a high level of responsibility to design and manage the implementation of the project as required. The final phases involve appropriate client staff being trained and skilled appropriately.

Our skills allow the following to be achieved during a project:

  • Providing processes to evaluate end user requirements and procure needed infrastructure
  • Providing documentation to
    • Obtain agreement with Users
    • Tender

Choosing suppliers who are strong, but not being tied to one supplier or manufacturer.

We specialise in delivering projects that are on time, on budget and that satisfy the client’s requirements.